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Mark Sheifele, Tiger Woods, and Mike Tyson all had one thing in common: they all worked alongside a mentor that made a significant impact on their legacy. Their one- on- one instruction was invaluable to their growth in their own respected sport. Tiger Woods had his Dad, Iron Mike had...

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         The second leg of a back to back, a red-eye with nary a moment of rest. Serving a hastily arranged family dinner with only moments to spare before the pre-game skate. A professional, a child. The undeniable rigors of the responsibility that are associated with...

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Great to be featured in the Vocativ! Check out the story ‘The Guru’ written by Joe Lemire “more and more pro athletes are turning to independent skills coaches for guidance and the results are starting to show” Our featured coaches in this article are Hall of Famers Adam Oates...

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MyProHero was founded on the idea that passion comes from inspiration. That is why we do what we do, because everyone to be involved in sports has a hero. For Steve Wicklum, founder and CEO of MyProHero, his inspiration came from the great Muhammad Ali. “Ali was my pro...

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As the hockey season continues and the grind becomes real,  it is very easy to lose focus on fine tuning your game. This lack of personal attention is why many players experience that lack of motivation to work on their individiual skill development. The problem is real. Now there is a...

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Co-Founder Bryan Trottier interviews about My Pro Hero with Hockey Night In Canada’s Ron Maclean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj_HK-IvNEw    

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March 22, 2016 By Brent Davis WATERLOO — Adam Oates. Hockey Hall of Famer. Five-time all-star. Seventh in all-time NHL assists. Personal coach to your son or daughter? What sounds like a hockey fantasy is now a reality thanks to a Waterloo-based startup called My Pro Hero. The service...

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Watch how former NHL star Adam Oates and a new startup are providing hockey training from the digital world: http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/mobile/video?lipid=830475 By: Max Wark CTV Kitchener

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According to Hall of Famer & coach to the pros, Adam Oates, if you refuse to acknowledge that the game of ice hockey is evolving, then you probably won’t be around it at a high level for very long.  Things like embracing contact rather than trying to avoid it, letting...

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