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Mark Sheifele, Tiger Woods, and Mike Tyson all had one thing in common: they all worked alongside a mentor that made a significant impact on their legacy. Their one- on- one instruction was invaluable to their growth in their own respected sport. Tiger Woods had his Dad, Iron Mike had Cus Dimado, & Mark Sheifele has Adam Oates. The relationships they built were critical in catalyzing an authentic identity, in which no one could duplicate. They are heroes to many, but in essence, they are a product of their own hero: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/never-day-hockey-isnt-part-scheifeles-life/

They say to make the professional ranks athletes would have to put in 10,000+ hours into their craft. That’s assuming they get the right coaching. Think about that, if you divided 10,000 into ten years (which is your usual timeline as an amateur) that would leave 1,000 hours per year. That’s a lot of time to go over individual skills, video, and team concept if necessary. Well, that’s just what Tiger and Mike got from their mentors: 10,000+ hours of coaching (Mark Sheifele still has a way to go as he started with Adam Oates just a season ago).

In the mentorship and learning process today, in the era of too much information; Athletes, musicians, and others have limited access to their genius. Students of the game like Mark, Tiger, & Mike were all lucky to find their genius, which led to their magic. Many students of the game get lost and never find their magic. But what if through social media and educational platforms we could separate the useful data & deliver just as valuable expertise; in a more feasible manner.

Now you can… sort of. For now hockey players have access to their heroes that can transform their potential through an on-demand list of NHL stars like Adam Oates and the games best skill instructors at MyProHero.com/Coaches with a music division & new sports coming soon.

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