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The second leg of a back to back, a red-eye with nary a moment of rest. Serving a hastily arranged family dinner with only moments to spare before the pre-game skate.

A professional, a child. The undeniable rigors of the responsibility that are associated with the consummate professional who commands a six figure salary.  The parents who discover that their young son or daughter is suddenly a step slower than his contemporaries.

The passion runs deep for each, as it does for those in their immediate circles.  That is, to provide them with the absolute best instruction in order to constantly improve by addressing any gaps and deficiencies by enhancing and building a comprehensive skill set.

To this end, it has become abundantly clear that the inherent value of individual skill training is indisputable.  Broadly recognized as visionaries and trailblazers by professionals the world over, ‘My Pro Hero’ was featured in the ‘New York Times’ in a thoughtful and articulate piece entitled ‘Private Coaches Proliferate in Hockey’s Elite Ranks’.  Penned by Matt Higgins and Curtis Rush on September 19, 2016, it can be found below:


Higgins and Rush make the logical argument that through the application of various tools – including conferencing software designed for coaches to view video of players and on-ice sessions with former members of the NHL coaching fraternity – players of all ages, regardless of skill level, can achieve and realize a dramatic and substantial improvement in their game. 

The residual benefits of skills training by ‘My Pro Hero’s’ premium coaches are profound:  on an individual basis, a marked refinement of a competitive player’s game will increase the likelihood of competing at a higher level as they progress through subsequent and higher echelons of play.  For a young recreational player, a considerable elevation in self-esteem is sure to follow.  Through a macro prism, a team member’s development will undoubtedly yield greater results for an entire team, at all levels.

Many current players subscribe to the theory that through the grind of a gruelling 82 game season, as well as travel time, community engagements and a spate of other off-ice obligations, there simply is not sufficient time to work on specific skills with the team’s coaching staff.

Minnesota Wild’s star winger, Zach Parise shared the following with the ‘New York Times’ Higgins and Rush, regarding his tutelage under former NHL coach, and current ‘My Pro Hero’ consultant Adam Oates:

“He thinks the game like a guy that scored points in the league.  He understands the pressures, the different things that a point-scorer is feeling.  He talks about how to get the puck more in the offensive zone, and he has better ideas of what to do with the puck when you’ve got it.”

Parise has the heart of a lion, and whose style is reminiscent of his father, Jean-Paul Parise.  They are perhaps best known for their sheer determination and will to perform at an optimal level.  And Adam Oates is just the man to lead the younger Parise along this path.  Emerging as a leader of the Wild and USA hockey, Zach has come to understand the benefits of skills-based training.

We play the glorious sport of hockey for many different reasons.  But from a purely logical perspective, consider this.  If you are a novice, junior, collegiate, minor league or professional player, we all strive, we ache to reach the pinnacle.  To excel.  ‘My Pro Hero’s’ goal is simple.  That is, to offer you specific skill training that tackles and targets specific areas of your game that are flawed.  And only the absolute best can, have and will deliver for you.

Their outstanding cast of hall of fame coaches includes the aforementioned Oates, the legendary Hall-of-Famer Bryan Trottier, USA hockey icon Ron Johnson, fireplug and Stanley Cup champion Theo Fleury and new arrival and 4X gold medallist Hayley Wickenheiser, among others.

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-Ori Belmont

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