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MyProHero was founded on the idea that passion comes from inspiration. That is why we do what we do, because everyone to be involved in sports has a hero. For Steve Wicklum, founder and CEO of MyProHero, his inspiration came from the great Muhammad Ali. “Ali was my pro hero, so I want to give people the chance to meet theirs.”  Wicklum’s startup, which aims to connect aspiring young athletes to their sports heros, is proof of an athlete’s strength of impact, and how their influence can change minds, hearts and society.MyProHero and its coaches reflect many of Muhammad Ali’s principles. Muhammad Ali

Integrity: Adam Oates and Bryan Trottier have been frontrunners with MyProHero, offering up their coaching skills to up and coming hockey stars. Both men embody the same integrity and morals upheld by Muhammad Ali.  “You need to live with integrity to be able to coach young kids, and they need something to look up to,” says Oates.

Integrity was one of Muhammad Ali’s greatest attributes. Everything about the way he boxed was unconventional, but his confidence and passion was enough to shine through and make him the greatest in the world.

Strength of Character: At MyProHero we always like to think that Ali’s strength of character was one of his greatest gifts to modern sports. Ali demonstrated his character inside and outside of the ring.  He taught us that success in one area of your life will always lead to success in other areas. This is why Ali was such an amazing boxer, because he was an amazing man. Bryan Trottier once told us “every team needs a voice, a champion, and a leader” and Muhammad Ali was all three of those things.

The death of greatest athlete of all time is tragic and devastating in many ways, but Muhammad Ali’s  legacy will live on thousands of athletes around the world. A man who stood in the middle of a social revolution with his gloves up will be remembered for every aspect of his life. Ali’s many wise words are inspiration for us all, and even as a business we have to remember to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

By: David McGinnis

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